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Hippo Pod

A hippo pod made up of an adult male, female juvenile and calf. Demonstrating various behaviors, the juvenile grazes, the adult male basks in the sun and the curious calf wanders toward the male while the adult female rises in order to keep her calf safely by her side.



A woman reaches out across a void to give care (symbolized by water) to a dog and cat. The piece represents how we connect to animals by caring for them.



Bronze with granite base, bronze plaques.

The first of two sculptures commissioned by Home of the Innocents in Louisville, KY. Two sites were selected for sculptures, one to recognize Episcopal Deaconess Sister Emily Coopers work with the children of Home of the Innocents, the other representing the many children buried in Cave Hill Cemetery. This sculpture represents the spiritual aspect of her work with the children.

$53,000.00 one of two sculptures in commission

Discovery Muse

A limestone and earthwork sculpture of a Greek Muse reclining beneath a blanket of Asiatic Jasmine and Sod. Sit in her hand and she will help you discover your hidden potential


Light of Hope and Healing

Bronze sculpture granite base polyethylene sphere. Hux Cancer Center, Terre Haute, Indiana.

A man, woman, boy and girl are lifted above cancer by the light of hope and healing.



Black granite. Percent for Art, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa



An elephant calf plays with a stick. The original limestone sculpture was inspired by the research work of Cynthia Moss. Ely is one of her study subjects in Amboseli National Reserve in Kenya



A Great Blue Heron stands among cattails. Located in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY


American Lion

This sculpture is sited in rock garden of the Science Building of University of Alaska, Anchorage. The American Lion is an extinct mammal (largest cat ever known to exist) that lived in Alaska during the last Ice Age.



Bear Cubs Encounter Alligator Snapping Turtle in Cypress Knees

Percent for Art, Department of Transportation building Lake City, FL.

Three black bear cubs, wandering through cypress knees come upon an Alligator Snapping Turtle. The first cub, his vision obscured by cypress knees, extends an inquisitive paw at the tail. The other two have a better view of the turtle and are ready to run back to their mother.