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Reading Girl

Indiana Limestone, earthwork. Art for the Park commission, City of Charles City, Iowa.

A little girl, reading a book, illustrates the importance of this skill in education.
The plants of the berm(evergreen Vinca minor) which creates her skirt represent the ideas that become a part of us when we read. The Vinca minor is freshly planted in this photo and will grow 4”-6” high, filling the area beneath the book without overwhelming the sculpture.


Pool Portal

Percent for Art Ashland Community Center, Denver, CO


Opportunity Portal

Two hands, one representing the Nia Center, the other, representing the community it serves, come together to form the Opportunity Portal.



This is the second sculpture commissioned by Home of the Innocents. This piece commemorates the over 200 children of Home of the Innocents buried at Cave Hill Cemetery, whose graves were previously unmarked. In this sculpture, Episcopal Deaconess Sister Emily Cooper shakes out a blanket with a butterfly pattern upon it. The butterflies become more dimensional and finally become 3 dimensional at the end, flying away. The blanket represents the care given to the children by the Deaconess, the butterflies symbolize these children and their ultimate release from this world.

$53,000.00 one of two sculptures in commission