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Chimp Grooming

Indiana Limestone. A grooming chimp looks at his arm

Tell Me a Story

Indiana Limestone earthwork and plantings (photo-morphed in photo).

A young woman lies on the ground, gazing off, waiting for someone to whisper a story into her ear. The plantings represent the stories she will hear. This piece illustrates how when we hear a story it becomes a part of us.

Marula Leaf Tickle

An elephant calf tickles itself with a bunch of Marula leaves dropped by an adult.


This sculpture symbolizes how determination and community support lift us to greater heights.

Demeter Parting the Night

Demeter, the Greek Goddess of growing things, parts the night with her arms as she searches for her daughter Persephone, who has been taken to the Underworld.



From Greek Mythology, Daphne was pursued by Apollo and appealed to the Gods for help. She was then turned into a tree. In the myth she was turned into a Linden tree, in my interpretation she becomes a Weeping Willow the swirling leaves symbolizing her conflicted emotions at her “rescue”



Based upon the character Lily Bart from the book The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. This sculpture is composed of 3 blocks of stone representing the 3 temptations that Lily encounters in the book. The blocks are slim symbolizing the narrow confines of the society in which Lily exists. Her stance and low carving in the block represents her role in that society – one of decoration, yet she yearns for more, the freedom of soul that her love interest Seldon offers represented by the full carving in the front of the block. Yet he cannot provide her the luxury she is accustomed to. Her choices ultimately determine her fate…


An elephant calf plays with a stick. This sculpture was inspired by the research work of Cynthia Moss. Ely is one of her study subjects in Amboseli National Reserve in Kenya.

Sold – $40,000.00

Pouncing Fox

A fox jumps on prey hidden in a clump of grass

Sold – $5,000.00


A cougar prepares to drink from a pool of water.

Sold – $20,000.00